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Sustainable telemedicine : paradigms for future-proof healthcare

EHTEL - European Health Telematics Association

A briefing Paper


With this Briefing Paper, EHTEL substantiates its role as an integrative enabler : Beyond being a platform and networking node, EHTEL creates an added value for all stakeholders in healthcare. I would like to thank all those who contributed to this publication.

While the report summarises positions and experience gained from EHTEL activities over nearly 10 years, its novelty and empirical foundation stem from the support of its two major stakeholder groups, i.e. the Ministries of Health and the EHTEL/ELO network including the National eHealth competence centres. Members of both groups kindly supported this work.

From a strategic perspective, the 2004 European eHealth action plan successfully initiated a top-down process by anchoring eHealth at the policy level, thus inducing large scale infrastructural and market developments. It’s now time to deploy the complementary bottom-up process : We need to concretise the European eHealth strategies by reconnecting citizens, patients and health professionals and developing win-win constellations in practical daily life.

By going back to the roots of healthcare and reconciling those fundamental values with innovative technological approaches, we are putting public health into practice and thus fostering a new breed of populationoriented service industry. The present report shows that this process is already starting, but still in lack of a facilitating strategic framework. In order to achieve sustainable results, telemedicine and telehealth need explicit implementation, support, concrete incentives and reality-based cross-stakeholder scenarios.

Developing electronically supported interaction between all stakeholders points at fostering personal and professional relationships as well as business relationships – to the advantage of all. Further measures would be to establish a true interdisciplinary telemedicine service framework to overcome the multidisciplinary scattering of individual services and to agree on a common language of structured definitions for telehealth and telemedicine solutions.

EHTEL is determined to address all eHealth stakeholders and will contribute to establish such frameworks, which will assist the birth of better health and care for all. This report in hand, we are undertaking the first step into the right direction.

Martin D. Denz, EHTEL President

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