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eHealth 2009 : Legally, telemedicine is a service

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - (HealthTech Wire / News) – One day before the official opening of the Ministerial eHealth 2009 conference, the European Commission’s ICT for Health team hosted a workshop on the legal aspects of telemedicine. The aim was to raise awareness about existing legislation – especially with regard to applying EU directives, such as the directive on eCommerce, to the field of healthcare and telemedicine.

“Telemedicine is a service,” said Luba Hromkova from the European Commission’s DG Information Society & Media. This classification already provides a starting point for addressing some of the legal uncertainties : the ability of services, as with goods, capital and labour, to move freely within the internal market is regulated under European Union law.

“If we agree that telemedicine is a service, we can move forward,” Hromkova said. But there are other issues to consider, such as the country in which (tele)radiologists should be registered - in the country of residence, the country of the patient, or in the country to which they deliver their services. Another hot topic is the protection of personal health data which, Hromkova said, is a fundamental human right. But so is the protection of life. “There is sometimes a paradox between these two fundamental rights,” Hromkova said. “Obviously the protection of life must have priority.”

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