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OLDES project starts a new era for welfare

(27 May 2009) the EU co-founded project ³OLDES - OLDER PEOPLE¹S E-SERVICES AT HOME² develops a new concept of ³welfare² and will provide concrete responses, panelling the competencies of 11 partners from 5 different EU countries. Today an increasing number of elderly people are living alone, in many cases with no families helping them and not enough money to afford private carers. OLDES is planning and implementing an easy-to-use low cost innovative technological platform.

The platform is tested by 100 elderly people in Italy (10 of them affected by heart disease) and a sample of diabetics patients in Prague. This project is strongly supported by Bologna Town Council ; its Health Department believes that the welfare model has to be renewed rapidly, making the most of new technologies and high tech devices to offer tele-medicine, tele-assistance, tele-entertainment and tele-company services to a wider number of senior citizens. The aim is to augment the number of people assisted by public services, even if public resources decrease while the number of elderly increases.

Source E-Health Europa

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