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Virtual physiological human

Deciding what treatment to give patients with serious illnesses, organ failure or even genetic disorders can present doctors with great difficulties. Whilst their potential benefits are clear, complex treatments often have both predictable and unpredictable side effects, and so there are always risks attached to any given choice. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can provide medical professionals with tools to model and predict the effects of different treatment options in individual patients. EU funding, through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), is helping to develop such new systems.

Huge amounts of data are generated by the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries in development and trials of their products, and by medical professionals recording their treatments of individual patients and their outcomes. Only a small fraction of this wealth of data is used to contribute to the development of safer treatment options applicable to individual patients. That is because potential users only have access to a small proportion of the data available and because they do not have appropriate tools to process it.


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