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Online Health and the advantages

This special issue reflects the diversity of people involved in developing eHealth and integrating it to healthcare policies. Mobilising all these people and coordinating their actions, at a regional, national and European level, is essential in order for eHealth to realise its potential.

eHealth for all

The recent financial crisis has not made the challenge of sustainable healthcare any less significant. On the contrary, the long-term economic benefits that eHealth can provide have been brought into sharper focus, with, for example, considerable investment being outlined in the recent USA administration’s recovery plan. With similar commitment in Europe and ongoing support from stakeholders, eHealth can deliver growth and jobs in a European Health Market based on ICT and bring the quality and safety of healthcare that patients and medical practitioners want to experience.

E-health is European because it has a cross-border dimension and constitutes an answer to the different socio-economic objectives set out by the EU. It is about patients because it contributes to the quality of healthcare provided to all of them, regardless of their place of residence or their age. For all these reasons, we should continue to act together and promote the expansion of e-health, within a framework respecting health data confidentiality.

Many high level speakers have participated to this special eHealth issue. To read their contributions in English or French :

* La e-santé : une solution pour les systèmes de santé européens ? (pdf 2,4 Mb)

* eHealth : a solution for European healthcare systems ? (pdf 2,3 Mb)

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