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The Telemedicine challenge in Europe

(2 July 2010)The aim of this special edition of "The European Files" is to help take stock of the development of telemedicine, in all its diverse forms, and in a range of different environments. It is a collection of accounts and analyses by political and industrial decision-makers, patients and professional healthcare representatives, who seem to be best-placed to communicate messages that are both brief and easily understandable to all audiences. It also aims to clarify the problems which are still holding back the development of telemedicine, and to outline a sketch of what the medicine of tomorrow might look like. Lastly, it demonstrates that only an effort on the part of all actors in medical care will be necessary in order for telemedicine to be accepted by all, and that it will be the role of the political decision-makers to ensure that interministerial mechanisms are developed in such a way as to take into account its multidisciplinary nature.

The Telemedicine challenge in Europe

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