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New healthcare facility technology : Planning, design and construction

The current boom of healthcare facility construction is presenting healthcare administrators with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to plan, design and build facilities that leverage technology to deliver better healthcare, improve patient safety and increase efficiencies.

The role of computing and communication technology has become critical to the operation of modern healthcare facilities, making it more important than ever to collaborate with strategic IT specialists throughout all phases of planning, design and construction. The right IT partner should :

* Understand clinical processes and hospital workflows

* Prove expertise in a range of technologies — medical imaging, laboratory information systems, wireless, remote patient monitoring and more

* Know how to integrate and connect departments, systems, processes, information and people

* Deliver the best in technology, research and consulting services

Learn how IBM can integrate it all, helping you move from planning and design to construction and beyond, throughout the entire lifecycle of your healthcare facility.

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